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At the Lebanese American University my duties include coordinating the philosophy program and teaching six courses per year as well as supervising undergraduate theses. You can see some of my class introductions and lectures on my student youtube channel here

The courses I have taught are:

  • Topics in Philosophy: Perception, Belief, and Imagination (1 time)
  • Topics in Philosophy: Philosophy of Psychology (1 time)
  • Philosophy of Language (1 time)
  • Emmanuel Levinas (1 time)
  • Nietzsche (3 times)
  • Phenomenology & Existentialism (5+ times, including honors seminar) – watch a sample lecture
  • Early Modern Philosophy (1 time)
  • Philosophy of Art (2 times)
  • Philosophy in Literature and Film (5+ times, including honors seminar) – watch a sample lecture
  • Metaphysics (5+ times)
  • Theory of Knowledge (2 times)
  • Philosophy of Religion (5+ times, including honors seminar)
  • Ethics (2 times)
  • Cultural Studies – 19th & 20th century  (1 time)
  • Visual Culture (1 time)
  • Introduction to Philosophy (2 times)

The undergraduate theses I have supervised are:

  • Sartre and Free will (1 time)
  • Collective Self-Deception (1 time)
  • Shared Emotions (1 time)
  • Berkeley’s Idealism (1 time)
  • Consciousness (1 time)
  • Artificial Intelligence (1 time)
  • The Phenomenological Mind (1 time)
  • De Beauvoir and Sartre (1 time)
  • Philosophy of Sport (1 time)
I have also served as an external member on the following theses:
  • A Naive Realist Account of Intuition (Abdullah Salah Alothman’s MA thesis, 2019. University of Miami)
  • An Epistemology and Phenomenology of Perceptual Recognition (Adam Hauptfeld’s ongoing PhD thesis. University of Miami)
Finally I am currently part of the advisor board on Daniel Ganama’s Sectarianism and Intergroup Conflict research at the Center for Applied Social Cognition Research (CASCR)).