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Ali, Rami. (2018) Does Hallucinating Involve Perceiving?, Philosophical Studies 175 (3):601-627. Available to read here.

Ali, Rami. (2015). A New Solution to the Gamer’s Dilemma, Ethics and Information Technology 17 (4), 267-274. Available to read here.

Book Chapters:

Ali, Rami. (2018). Malik’s The Systems of Whitehead’s Metaphysics (Chapter 7). On the Philosophical Thought of Charles Malik Vol. I: Whitehead, Reason, and Spirit. NDU Press, Lebanon.

Book Reviews:

Ali, Rami. (2016) Book Review: Levinas’ Totality and Infinity: A Reader’s Guide by William Large, Phenomenological Reviews. Available to read here.

Ali, Rami. (2015). Book Review: Hallucinations: Philosophy and Psychology ed. MacPherson and Platchias, Phenomenology and the Cognitive Sciences, 1-6. Available to read here.

Some Presentations:

“What in the World are Hallucinations?” presented at the Philosophy of Language & Mind 5, St. Andrews University (Aug 2019), European Society for Philosophy & Psychology (Sep 2019), the University of Glasgow’s Philosophy, Psychology and Neuroscience Research Seminar (Dec 2019).

“Agency, Dissimulation, and Social Perception” presented at the American Philosophical Association Pacific Division (March 2018).

“Do Visual Hallucinations Involve Perception?” presented at the American Philosophical Association Eastern Division (January 2018). See a video of this talk.

“Is All Virtual Reality Equally Real or Unreal?” presented at the Phenomenology and Virtuality Conference, Husserl Archives, KU Leuven (May 2017).

“Direct Social Perception and Dissimulation” presented at the ‘Empathy, Direct Perception and Other Minds’ Spring School, Center for Subjectivity Research, University of Copenhagen (March 2017).

“Living With Others: Four Basic Concepts from Phenomenology” presented at the American University of Beirut (February 2017).

“The Illusionist View of Hallucinations” presented at the Normativity Workshop, New York University Abu Dhabi (February 2016).

“A New Solution to the Gamer’s Dilemma” presented at the 8th Philosophy of Computer Games Conference – Freedom in Play, Bilgi University (November 2014).

“Misperception and its Impact on Theories of Perceptual Experience” presented at the Association for the Study of the Mind in the Middle East and Africa Region, American University of Beirut, (June 2013).

“Crosscutting Kinds and Consilience in Emotion Theory” presented at the Interdisciplinary Symposium on the Mind: The Place of Emotions in the Cognitive Sciences, University of Toronto (March 2010)