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Much of the below appears elsewhere on the site but I have listed everything here for convenience.


We’re Virtually There: Ethics and Digital Technology in the Coming Years, The Heinrich-Böll Foundation in Beirut. For an Arabic translation, see here.

On the COVID-19 situation: Lesson Learned?, Op-Ed for the Lebanese American University


Blog Posts:

APA Eastern: Do Visual Hallucinations Involve Perception?, Blog of the APA.

Does Hallucinating Involve Perceiving?, Imperfect Cognitions blog.



APA Eastern talk 2018: Do Visual Hallucinations Involve Perception?

Philosophy for the Future:

Lebanese American University philosophy and debate club panel 2019: Do We Need Religion in the 21st Century?

Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2019: Good & Evil

Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2019: Love

During the October 17, 2019 Lebanese Uprising: الحياة بعد الحرب الأهلية: العوامل النفسية والوجودية/ Life after the Civil-War: Psychological & Existential Factors (in Arabic)

Walls of the Lebanese Uprising 2019: